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As a beacon from a lighthouse,

Guides a ship safely to shore.

Let the light in my heart,

Guide you through your troubled times.

As the day is hot and cruel,

The night is dark and cold.

Yet my love is the cool breeze,

It shines bright as the moon.

For times to come,

From times of past,

Live in the present,

For my love will last.

From far away,

Or by your side.

My heart is constant.

Like a churning tide,

Sands of time,

Drift through your life.

Slipping through fingers,

Leaving dust of memories,

My heart remains,

True as the sand.

Waiting upon the shore,

Waiting to hear your call,

Take heed of nature,

For love is as rare.

It dwindles to extinction,

Leaving you nowhere.

By: Zebrina Radke