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Why Give Them What They Want?

Believe it or not, people would enjoy me


the air no longer filled with my distressed


Close to death I could never be

I had thoughts that weren't pro me.

But cut life off, before it gets bad.

Cut it off before you become your dad.

But wait, think it over you ludicrous bitch,

think it over before,

you get a trigger finger itch.

You have life better than most,

which is no reason to become a ghost!

Dying Inside

Once together, now apart

mending never my broken heart

life and love crumbling before my eyes

dead to the world, dying inside.

My eyes are dust and my throught is dry,

I miss the human love, I miss the human cry.

I long for the smell of salty sweat on skin.

I died on that night, drown in sin.

World living on without me, decay consuming

only those who are caught unassuming

wonder why, don't cry.

We are all just dying inside.

In the end, death the proud victor

killing us all, not saved by the fall

of good light, I knew it wasn't right.

Something we can't fight,

death from inside.

Life Sometimes Just Isn't Right

Why do innocent people suffer?

Who do childern die?

Why does the honor student become a


Why do honest people lie?

Answers that no one will ever know.

Answers that their "god" will never show.

To make it seem right,

"the man starts a fight".

To make it seem good, he brings money

to your hood.

The times are hard, and the shit is rough

and a lot of times we've had enough.

But know that someone out there is for you,

know that there is a love so true.

All you have to do, is hang in there

and don't give up

sooner or later... life will be right.

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