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This page will be way more extensive in time, but for now a brief
member listing by their Brood War names. If any are wrong, Goku,
Flamez, or Wing0 should tell me which ones should be added or removed.

[FWZ]Goku[L1MG] (Goku is also clan leader)

[FWZ]Wing0[L1] (Controls bot .=[FWZ]=.)
[FWZ]Nam[L1] (Controls bots [FWZ]_NAM_[FWZ] and Namgook9685)

[FWZ]Epyon[L2](Controls bot [FWZ]_GundamZ_)
[FWZ]^RiDeR^[L2] (Controls bots [FwZ] and [FwZ]~BoT~[FwZ]



All members remember we meet in channel [FWZ] on
Also, we are implementing everyone to hate Hallo38 and forcezero.